One on One Coaching


On the outside it seems like you’ve got everything going for you.

You’ve got your own place, a job, maybe even a significant other and kids! And yet, it feels like your life is sub par.

You’re unhappy more often than you’d like to admit…

…and you feel guilty about it because you know in society’s standards, you have a lot. The hashtag “#firstworldproblems” is your excuse for continuing to grind.

You do your best to be your best at everything you do…

…but you still have an emptiness that you can’t seem to fill. You want more out of life. You want joy and fulfillment and right now you just don’t have it.

You see other people your age seemingly thriving and loving life…

…meanwhile you’re faking a smile, telling everyone life is grand all while scrolling through instagram trying to figure out how to have a life like they do. 

Girl, I get it. I’ve been there. AND I can help you find the joy and fulfillment you’re craving in a way that honors God.

The secret?  Admitting to God that “I’m ready to return to YOU.”  As Christians we get pretty good at talking the talk, but walking the walk is a different story.  We know all the right answers, but when it comes to applying them to our lives, we just…get stuck.  The reason?  Christian culture tries to put us in a box.  There is a checklist we are supposed to follow of “things” that a good Christian should always do.  But here’s the thing…God made each of us differently.  The way you love God is different from the way I do and from the way your bestie loves God and from the way the little old lady at your church loves God.  He designed us TO BE DIFFERENT and our journey in our relationship with Him is to discover what makes us different, and how He wants us to receive love, and love Him in the way that is unique to us.  That’s where coaching comes in…

In a one-on-one coaching partnership your coach helps you identify and overcome all the things that are standing in your way from thriving as the woman He created you to be.   

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