One on One Coaching


One-on-one coaching is for women who are seeking a focused and personalized plan for reaching their goals. 

At HRS Life Coaching we support women who feel isolated and lonely, who are seeking authentic and honest relationships, who want to grow in their understanding of God, who want to improve their discernment  and ability to listen to God, who are seeking Gods direction for their life, who want to find contentment and fulfillment in their current season of life, who want to grow in their emotional awareness, who want to reconnect or rekindle their relationship with God, and who want to improve their communication skills (sharing and listening). 

Why are solving these pain points important?  In order to fall in love with our life, we first have to fall in love with the one who created it.   Over our lifetime we experience many things that prevent us from growing closer to Him, and in turn lose sight of who He created us to be.  By overcoming those obstacles, prioritizing our closeness to our creator, and working daily to know Him more deeply we will be able to show up as our best selves at work, and home, and in our relationships.  It is vital that we invest in our relationship with God and coaching is the perfect way to get out of the rut you find yourself in, and finally find the connection with Him you desire.

We support women in a one-on-one partnership by identifying where they are now, where they would like to be, and what their biggest obstacles are preventing them from getting there.  We then develop a plan together to target their pain points- from developing a schedule to prioritize their relationship with God, to processing their frustrations with God, to redefining their understanding of who He is, to finding more ways to incorporate joy into their life, to selecting a Bible or Devotional reading plan to follow and stick with, and much more.  One-on-one coaching is catered to your specific needs so that you can find the connection and fulfillment you are craving.  We do this through 6 and 12 month coaching packages.

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Want to do this work alongside other women?  Group Coaching might be the best fit for you!

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