Conversations With God 30-Day Devotional & Workbook

Learn practical ways to talk to God and hear Him communicate back!  In this 30-day devotional & workbook learn skills you can use daily to connect with God by having daily conversations with Him.

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tell God how you feel


Hear his response


Continue the conversation

In this 30-day Devotional and Workbook learn how to talk to God, quiet your mind to listen to Him, and practice discernment as you learn to recognize His communication style.  In Part I learn the skills of Checking-in and Listening to God.  In Part II put what you’ve learned into practice each day by following the daily prompts.  Write directly in the workbook as it guides your conversation with God!

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Had Daily Conversations With God?

After learning practical tools for relational connection from LK10 Communities, Coach and Author Hala Sahlman began to wonder how her life might change if she began using these tools to have daily conversations with God. The more she practiced, the more her relationship with Him transformed. As she taught these skills to her clients she witnessed their lives and faith grow powerfully as well. Now, it’s your turn…

In the Conversations With God Devotional learn how to share honestly with God and listen to Him in return. The key to building any personal and authentic relationship is vulnerable, honest conversation. Over the next 30 days begin having that time with God and watch your relationship with Him transform.

In this brand new devotional “Conversations with God” learn and practice specific steps for having a personal conversation with God on a regular basis. You can do anything for 30 days! 

  • In this 30-Day Devotional & Workbook You Will Learn…
  • How to rekindle your relationship with God
  • How to make your prayer life more personal and intimate
  • Practical steps for beginning a real conversation with God
  • How to listen to Him following three simple steps
  • How to recognize the ways God speaks specifically to you
  • A new way to read scripture
  • How to connect with how you are feeling and how to share that with God
  • That you CAN have daily conversations with God!
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  • Simple yet powerful!

    Reading the word and journaling has been a bit tough to keep up with since becoming a mother. This Devo is super helpful and a simple way to help yourself take one a step to get closer to God and start a healthy routine. And a great way to involve little ones. I have my 3 year old join in when she ask me what I am doing.
    This devotional has given me the tools to reconnect with God and practice knowing my thoughts and emotions.

  • This Devotional actually teaches you to connect heart to heart with God!!!

    I love that this devotional actually encourages me to share my heart with God and listen to how he feels about me and what he wants me to know. Instead of telling us what she has learned, Hala teaches how us how to hear from God ourselves! She shares LK10’s learning process of reading until something stands out to you and then dialoguing with God around that. First devotional I know that models and teaches true heart-to-heart connection with yourself and God! FANTASTIC!

    Toni M. Daniels
    Author, Coach, & Training Champion at LK10 Communities
  • The Devotional I didn't know I needed!

    I am so grateful for this devotional. I love the fact that I can connect with God using my emotions and make space to hear back from Him… a true two-way conversation! The way its set up allows me to come honestly to God and experience true Joy as I hear His love for me.

    Colleen Caskey
    Director of Focused Ministries, Mid-Atlantic Region- InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Could not recommend more!!

    I am loving this devotional! I really appreciate the routine it follows while still allowing me to learn and relish something new about God everyday. I also love that it is a realistic way that I can keep in check with my daily emotions and leave space for God to speak wisdom into them.

    Abbey Engle
    College Student
  • Great read!

    This is a great read for anyone looking to strengthen and deepen their relationship with God, others, and themselves. Clearly written with actionable exercises, this is an approachable way to practice conversations about often hard to talk about topics.

  • Engaging & Accessible

    I’ve loved diving into this devotional. It’s straightforward but still probing. She encourages and exhorts while still leaving space for personal reflection. Highly recommend (coming from someone who usually has a hard time sticking to devotional).

  • Helpful and encouraging!!!

    Beautiful devotional and workbook that thoughtfully encourages prayer and reflection. Hala guides reader through the Psalms and shares her process for fostering deeper prayer and connection with God.

    Courtney Utz
    Stay at Home Mom

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