Group Coaching Program

The Jesus Led Community

The Jesus Led Community (JLC) is a group coaching community that equips discontented women to find connection and fulfillment by learning to be loved by God, led by God, and in relationship with God in the way that is authentic to them.  Learn more about the process we use to do that below.


Are you fed up with living a mediocre life?

If you are frustrated with who you’ve become, who you haven’t become yet, or where you are at in life I invite you to consider a few questions:

  1. What is the driving force in my life? Is it an emotion?  A goal?  A desire to please?  An expectation?  What is my current foundation?
  2. What fears do I have about making a change to that foundation?  If there were no consequences what would I be pursuing now?  What is stopping me from pursuing it? 
  3. How do I discern the right steps to take for my future?  Do I have a process for hearing the voice of God?  Do I follow my gut?  Do I do what others tell me to do?
  4. In what ways do I focus on my next steps in life?  Do I have a plan to release my fears, adjust my foundation, and pursue the future I sense God calling me to?  Do I have a community supporting me and cheering me on as I pursue the journey I sense God leading me on?

My name is Hala and I believe you are capable of living a life you love.  The secret is having a driving force which is led by God, overcoming your fears by being loved by God, discerning a path to take for your future by listening to God, and staying focused on Him by being supported in community. 

The Jesus Led Community (JLC) is a group coaching program designed to help women like you fall in love with their life by being loved by God, led by God, and in relationship with God in the way that is authentic to them.  By using three foundational rhythms in conjunction with consistent community workshops, coaching, and gatherings I teach you how to go from discontented to joy-fueled and over flowing.

In this group coaching program you will learn how to hear the voice of God and allow Him to be your guiding force rather than your emotions, insecurities, or fears.  You will learn to connect with yourself, God and others on a heart level.  You will be given practical strategies and applications for how to listen to God regularly and discern His calling for your life.  Not only so, but you will grow in community with other women who are yearning for connection and a life greater than they can currently imagine.

Each member of the JLC participates in a foundational course to introduce the rhythms the community uses as we adjust our lives to be joy fueled and Jesus led.

Your journey begins with a live video call to meet me and to see if this community is what God has planned for you as your next step. Schedule your intro call below.  

I can’t wait to meet you! 

All my love,


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