Return to You 

A Mountain-Get-Away Retreat: November 2021

Ask and answer the question: Who was I before someone else told me who I should be.

“We are each made in the image of God, but He created us to be uniquely ourselves.  My passion is to help women discern who they were created to be, and to teach them how to walk boldly and confidently down a path that allows them to be that person.”

Hala Sahlman, Professional Life Coach

Who were you created to be, what has lead you astray from that person, and how do you return to her?

Throughout our lives we begin to believe stories about who others say we are.  We latch onto these stories and allow them to become our identity when in reality it was never who we were intended to be.   

From November 3-6th I’ll be hosting the Return to You retreat in the mountains of Vermont.  During these three days you will identify and eliminate the lies you have believed about yourself for years (maybe decades!), replace them with what is true about who you are and who God is, and grow deeply in community with the other women who are taking the time to return to who they were created to be.   

Schedule a call with Hala to see if this retreat is right for you, and to reserve your spot.

Coaching Reviews

  • Hala’s dedication to her clients comes through in clear detailed preparation for every session, clear instruction, helpful tips, truly motivating approach and consistent availability to guide her clients through their personal development story.  I highly recommend working with Hala!

    Greta Knaus
  • Hala really listened to my experiences and asked strong, thought provoking questions which brought about a natural connection with her and made me feel valued.  This was very helpful in the fact that it caused me to be very open in our conversations.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.03.34 PM
    Lola Adebanjo
  • Hala is a natural teacher.  Her great, upbeat, bubbly personality is always so encouraging.

    Cheryl Williams