Spiritual Direction Weekend Retreat

Ask and answer the question:  What is God calling me to over the next 365 days?

“I used to think coaching was just motivational speaking. I learned that it is a healthy tool to help you see life as a timeline of endless opportunities to better yourself and your life.”

– Past Client of HRS Life Coaching

“We are each made in the image of God, but He created us to be uniquely ourselves.  My passion is to help women discern who they were created to be, and to teach them how to walk boldly and confidently down a path that allows them to be that person.”

Hala Sahlman, Professional Life Coach

January 1st doesn’t have to be the only time you make a plan for the next year.

Any day you can ask yourself: Who do I want to be one year from now?  Or better yet: Who does God want me to be one year from now?  What is he calling me to do, and how the heck am I going to do it?!

On the weekend of March 26-28th I’ll be hosting a virtual Spiritual Direction Retreat where we ask and answer the question:

What is God calling me to over the next 365 days?

Here’s what you need to know…

When: Spring 2021

What to expect

The event will begin night one at 7pm EST.  You will be given a zoom link to log in and begin the journey with our opening session.  The next morning will start bright and early with a meditative yoga session to set our intentions for the day.  You will be given a break to shower, have breakfast and then log back in for our two morning sessions where our focus will be:  “Who has God created me specifically to be?”  After a lunch break, we will dive into our two afternoon sessions targeting blockades: “What is holding me back from being the person God’s created me to be?”  Our evening activity will be a time of reflection and prayer as we process what we have learned.  The final morning of the retreat will begin with a spiritual discussion and closing session. The afternoon will be broken up into one-on-one coaching sessions.  Each attendee will be assigned a time to work with Hala.  

What’s included?

5 group coaching sessions, 3 virtual experiences, 1 one on one coaching session.  Group coaching consists of a combination of instruction and education from your coach, as well as reflection and discussion with your peers.  The virtual experiences are meant to provide connection and contemplation with your peers, coach, and the Holy Spirit.  One-on-one coaching involves a more targeted and specific agenda catered to your specific needs.  With assistance from your coach, you will have the opportunity to make a plan for how you would like to apply what you have learned so that you can courageously walk the path God has designed for you over the next year.    

What’s the cost?

First, here’s the value you’ll be getting:

5 group coaching sessions: valued at $750 

3 experiences: valued at $100

1 one-on-one coaching session: valued at $250

Total value: $1,100

But the cost? 

$1,100  I’m offering this experience for $497.  Signing up with a friend?  You’ll each get your one-on-on coaching session FREE!  Making your cost $247 for the weekend.  Need a payment plan?  Email me!  halasahlman@hrslifecoaching.com


Coaching Reviews

  • Hala’s dedication to her clients comes through in clear detailed preparation for every session, clear instruction, helpful tips, truly motivating approach and consistent availability to guide her clients through their personal development story.  I highly recommend working with Hala!

    Greta Knaus
  • Hala really listened to my experiences and asked strong, thought provoking questions which brought about a natural connection with her and made me feel valued.  This was very helpful in the fact that it caused me to be very open in our conversations.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.03.34 PM
    Lola Adebanjo
  • Hala is a natural teacher.  Her great, upbeat, bubbly personality is always so encouraging.

    Cheryl Williams

Are you ready to discern what God is calling you to over the next 365 days?

Or you can email any questions to Hala : halasahlman@hrslifecoaching.com