Conversations With God Retreat

June 6-9th 2024

Learn how to talk to and listen to God in the way that is authentic to you.  Build your awareness of His communication by spending three days practicing skills, reflecting on your own and as a community, and finding pause in nature.

“We are each made in the image of God, but He created us to be uniquely ourselves.  My passion is to help women discern who they were created to be, and to teach them how to walk boldly and confidently down a path that allows them to be that person.”

Hala Sahlman, Life and Career Coach

Who were you created to be, what has lead you astray from that person, and how do you return to her?

Have you been feeling stuck? Unfulfilled in your work, relationships, and faith? Not sure who you are, or who you want to be? Do you believe in living whole heartedly for Christ, but just haven’t been able to commit to that in the way you’d like to?
We have been praying for you since before you got here. Too many women feel they are supposed to be someone they’re not, or that they should be the person others tell them they are. In reality, God created you with specific values, passions, and talents that others do not have and might not understand.  God knows you, and he wants you to know yourself as well. 
In this three day retreat, disconnect from your daily routine and reconnect to who you are at your core.  Spend time in nature, reflection, and in communion with your creator.  Throughout the three days you will be coached around topics that support you on your journey to flourishing as the woman you were always meant to be.  In addition, you will be given the opportunity to participate in activities that deepen your understanding of yourself and God, release negative and toxic thought patterns and emotions, and invite peace and clarity into your life.  You will walk away from these three days feeling refreshed, connected, and empowered to be courageously and confidently YOU!
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Coaching Reviews

  • Hala’s dedication to her clients comes through in clear detailed preparation for every session, clear instruction, helpful tips, truly motivating approach and consistent availability to guide her clients through their personal development story.  I highly recommend working with Hala!

    Greta Knaus
  • Hala really listened to my experiences and asked strong, thought provoking questions which brought about a natural connection with her and made me feel valued.  This was very helpful in the fact that it caused me to be very open in our conversations.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.03.34 PM
    Lola Adebanjo
  • Hala is a natural teacher.  Her great, upbeat, bubbly personality is always so encouraging.

    Cheryl Williams