Workshop Series: From Spiritually Confused to Spirit Led in 6 Steps! Watch the workshops below!

There is spiritual confusion EVERYWHERE in our world today. Christian women are seeking the “right” way to go about choices involving…

  • Vaccines
  • Transgender Rights
  • Abortion Rights
  • How to Vote
  • Racism 
  • Women’s Rights
  • Education
  • Raising Children
  • Even Birth!

If you’re looking for me to tell you what to think, I’m not going to. Here’s why…

You are too focused on asking people what you SHOULD think, and not focused enough on finding the TRUTH on your own.

You are SPIRITUALLY CONFUSED because your prime modality for getting information is Instagram, tiktok, Facebook, the news, twitter, your church, your closest friends, family members, or that one person you admire most in the world.  

How would your life be different if you trusted the Holy Spirit to lead you instead?

Rather than giving you another piece of advice to add to your confusion, I’m going to share with you SIX STEPS to take TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by the renewing of your mind so that you are fully led by Him rather than the mixed messaging you receive on a daily basis.

Start with Step 1 and work your way through each step at your own pace.  If you’d like additional support schedule a 1:1 coaching call with me.

You’ve got this friend!

Praying for you and sending you all my love,


Introduction to the 6 Steps

In this intro workshop, identify the cause of your spiritual confusion, and get a brief introduction to each of the 6 steps!  Ignore the invitation at the end – that was the invitation for when the course was taught live 🙂

Step 1: Rewriting Your Stories of God

What are your current beliefs about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and how is that impacting the ways you live your life?  Begin rewriting your stories so that you can rebuild your trust in who is leading you.

Step 2: Taking Your Thoughts Captive

Once you are aware of how your thoughts are impacting you, you can begin taking them captive!

Step 3: Clear Your Fear

When you begin to make any change, your brain starts to list off all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t do that thing.  Use this workshop to clear your fears and begin moving towards your goal of being spirit led!

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