HRSLC Monthly Membership

What is the HRSLC Monthly Membership?

The HRS Life Coaching (HRSLC) Monthly Membership is an opportunity for you to experience many of the perks of being coached without fully committing to a coaching partnership.  By joining, you get instant access to a community of like minded individuals who want to learn, grow, and connect!  You also have an opportunity to get to know Hala and her coaching style in a way that no one else will.  Choose from three different membership options ranging from being a part of the community, joining monthly zoom sessions with peers and Hala, getting major monthly discounts and even free coaching sessions!

What do I get out of the community?

The Membership Community is a great place to ask questions of both coaches and other members, get expert tips and advice, and make connections with people in a similar life phase as you.  If you choose, you can even connect “face to face” with other members through a monthly zoom session where Hala will offer group coaching catered to the needs of the group.  The community is a great way to get advice and guidance without spending the time and money required for a one on one partnership.

Tell me more about these monthly zoom sessions...

The zoom sessions are one of the best parts about this community!  If you’ve ever joined one of Hala’s coaching courses you know how valuable it is to not only connect with her, but also your peers.  Learning along side others, supporting one another, sharing life experiences, and growing together is invaluable.  Each month Hala will lead a discussion on a topic voted on by the group.  Members participate in a lively discussion and have the opportunity for group coaching with Hala.  

And you get discounts too!?

Fearless and Empowered members automatically get $10 off coaching sessions and a 10% discount on courses!  Woah baby!  Empowered members also get one free one on one coaching session every month.  All members have a chance to win discounted coaching or free coaching through competitions and drawings done in the community group.  What could be better?!

Do one small thing for you each month. You're worth it! Start your monthly membership today