Why marriage coaching?

People always say “marriage takes work,” but no one ever tells you what that means…

Until now.  Whether you are engaged to be married, at the beginning of your marriage, or many years in you are “working” at your marriage ALWAYS,  whether you realize it or not.  The work happens in the way you respond to one another, how you show affection and love, the ways you initiate conversation, the moments you ignore the other person, how you talk about your spouse when they’re not around, the small gestures, the acts of service, the intimacy, the glance across the room (lovingly or angrily)…EVERYTHING you do has a direct impact on your marriage.  Coaching helps make sure that impact is positive.

Yes, you need to work together, AND you also need to work on yourself…

Many couples believe that a marriage is only as good as the teamwork between the couple.   While that is important and integral, what might be of even more importance is the work you are willing to do as an individual. Are you willing to die to yourself as Jesus did?  Are you willing to swallow your pride when you need to?  Are you aware of how to communicate what you need in the moment?  Are you taking note of the work God is calling you to do in your personal life AND your marriage?  Are you relying on God for your joy rather than your spouse? Etc.

For this reason, we recommend three coaching sessions a month: one as a couple, one with just the husband, and the other with just the wife.  This provides opportunity for growth as a couple AND growth as individuals.      


we want to make our marriage the best it can be!

Let’s do this!

Not sure if marriage coaching is right, but you’re still interested in coaching?  Check out our one-on-one and group coaching options for young professional women.